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Hi there, if your wondering how this website makes any money, this is how...

Firstly, I love providing free inspirational quotes, it's what this site's all about. In doing this, I may recommend inspirational products related to topics or authors.

That usually means I'll supply a link to, say Amazon for example. So if you should decide to click on that link and go on to purchase something (within 24hrs for Amazon), then I get an all to small percentage!

I research all recommendations to make sure I'm providing quality products, and appreciate your support of this site through these links provided.

Other affiliates include:
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This is the official wording…  

CrazyaboutQuotes is a participant in the Amazon US and EU Associates Programmes, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and

Also advertising works a similar way, in that I get a small percentage from third party advertisements. Third party means that someone pays a company to place ads on this site and I am paid directly by that company, not by the company who purchased the ad.

I use google to place these ads, and the ads are screened to make sure they are suitable for this site. They are clearly marked so you will know they are ads.

I am very passionate about quotes and personal growth, and recommend only quality products by respected authors and companies.

I hope you enjoy this site. Happy quote hunting.

Thanks a million for listening! - Will

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