Motivational Books and Travel

by Will Conway

What Inspires... Will from N.Ireland

Hi, I created this website, so I just thought I would get the ball rolling with this submission to give you an idea how your page will look.

Just realised that I'm not sure were to start so I'll go with my most recent sources of inspiration, motivational books. However so many many things inspire us during the course of life and even each day. I could probably write on every subject in the Nav Bar.

Anyway, there is a great question I love and I think it was asked by or to Jim Rohn:

"Are you reading the books that are going to get you were you want to be in the next five years?"

In fact that reminds me of a similar question that one of my old bosses used to ask me

"Where do you see yourself in five years time?"

I can see what he was trying to do now but at the time it didn't really sink in. I was always in go with the flow mode. Travel actually is what was on my mind most of the time. Anyway here is a list of my
Top 5 motivational books:

1: Master Key System by Charles Haanel
Written over one hundred years ago but still very relevant and practical, way ahead of it's time. It's about the power of our thoughts and how they effect our lives.

2: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Contains 13 principles for success which were reached by interviewing over 500 successful business men over the span of 20 or more years.

3: Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
Personal Development book on how to take control of all areas of your life.

4: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Personal Develpoment book about the Law of Attraction

5: It's Not About The Money by Bob Proctor
Teaches wealth is not about accumulation but having a healthy mindset and enjoying a journey of growth.

Most of these books inspired me in one way or another to create this website.

Ok can't really go witout mentioning travel again. The thought of seeing somewhere new fuels all my senses. It's like being a child again, everything is brand new. You are constantly learning new things about different cultures, you never know who you'll meet or sometimes where you'll sleep.

Machu Picchu was stunning, the Grand Canyon at sunrise was incredibly humbling but cycling from Belfast to Rome on my own was the most inspirational journey I have ever taken. Getting a little emotional now just thinking about it!

Whenever life throws a problem in the way I think of some of those mountains I climbed in the Czech Republic and Italy and it helps me get by.

"Life for me is like riding in the Tour de France, through all conditions and all terrain, always always keep moving forward. Never never, ever stop."

"What we think about today matters tomorrow."

Family, my wife and two sons, are a constant source of motivation and inspiration as well. That first time I held a new life in my arms was an unforgettable and life-changing moment.

It is that responsibility as a father that drives my own personal development. I believe your own ongoing personal development is probably the best present you can ever give to your kids. If the parents are ok then the children will be to.

I look forward to hearing about your sources of inspiration.

All the best - Will

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